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Our Love Language is Murder

Aside from psychology, my passion in life is writing. I love to write relatable (and sometimes not so relatable) stories to help people better understand their own psychopathology. Recently, I started writing a #KindleVella which is Amazon's newest platform for writers. One chapter is dropped at a time to make reading less intimidating and more manageable for all of us busy people out there! Plus, the first three episodes are FREE!!! My story is called, Our Love Language is Murder.

Marriage is the happy ending we are all looking for, right? For Declan and Cressida, it may lead to the ultimate ending. A romantic getaway is planned and so are each other's murders. Will this be the end for one of them, or will unexpected events ruin their plans? Sex, lies, love, hate, and murder. What really happens after happily ever after.

I have always been fascinated by #marriage. There is so much complexity to them that they almost take on a life of their own. Each partner sees their relationship story through their own eyes, and oftentimes, these stories are very different. I thought it would be fun writing a story that utilizes both viewpoints. I really hope you read and let me know your thoughts! I mean we have all wanted to kill our partner at some point, right?

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