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Losing You

I wrote this after I lost my grandfather to Lewy Body Dementia. This was the first time I lost someone I loved deeply.


Staring down a deep abyss where the end seems like the beginning.

The harrowing nights where you await the doom that is brimming.

Shallow breaths crack your ribs while tears spew out poison.

Time doesn’t heal, it makes you forget.

Passing time creates memories and passing time destroys them. Ripped from your soul until you are once again a helpless infant leaving the world instead of coming.

Time does not heal. It makes you forget.

How hollow the soul forever eroding. Fragile, fractured, feeble.

Sobs are like echos calling down the abyss.

You scream your objection hoping it hears.

Sound travels back, your own voice in your ears.

You look through me. I am a shade of grey.

I’ll continue fading until I’m as a faint as an ocean spray.

Time does not heal. It makes you forget.

Love is the string that pulls you along.

Tick tock tick tock

Time does not heal. It makes you forget.

I am still here. My face is up against the glass.

Looking at me, looking at you.

If you don’t know me then I’ll be someone you knew.

Time does not heal. It hides and waits.

Knowing that in the end you will succumb to fate.

The more you slip the tighter I will hold.

Slipping down the abyss as time unfolds.

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